Custom Multi Colored Metallic Epoxy Coating

Denver Country Club Lead Based Historic Restoration

LIME Applies a Custom Showroom Epoxy Coating

Project Snapshot: This was a high performance masonry coating project that will leave a showroom finish for years to come. After removing the existing acid stain on the floor, LIME patched all cracks and sanded the floor to expose a fresh set of pores prior to applying the new epoxy coating. LIME then primed the floor, wiped it down with acetone, and applied the primer coat. Once the floor was thoroughly prepped, LIME applied the multi coat epoxy coating. This coating is high performance and requires meticulous prep and top notch applicators. The entertainment space located in Greenwood Village will surely last the test of time. This multi colored 3 dimensional metallic epoxy coating is sure to make an impression in any space. From a garage floor to an entertainment space, this coating is formulated for esthetics as well as durability.

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