LIME Light Outreach 25 Inspired Gifts

This campaign was inspired by the notion that extraordinary reactions occur when people experience unexpected sparks of light and love in their lives. We all have the opportunity to be the light in someone’s day, and 25 Inspired Gifts captures this opportunity in a community campaign. 

Details: LIME spontaneously gave 25 gifts to children we saw in the Denver community. 

Goal: Be the unexpected light in the lives of Denver youth in order to inspire others to also be the light.


LIME Light Outreach

LIME Light Outreach began from the vision and hearts of three men, but it thrives and progresses through the love and support of the LIME Light Community.

LIME Light Community

The LIME Light Community consists of volunteers, a board of guardians, and donors. A large portion of our community was formed from the loyal clientele of LIME Painting. This community continues to grow through fellow nonprofits and people who have been touched by the outreach. Our community members have at least one thing in common—to see lives changed through the power and love of God. This love and power manifests itself in the light we shine.

LIME Light Tree

A lime tree perfectly represents the LIME Light Community. Each community member has his own purpose, just as parts of a tree do, and each part contributes to the fruit that the tree will bear. The fruits of our outreach are the lives that we will change.

Roots= the guardians (foundation, vision)

Trunk= volunteers and donors (support the branches)

Branches=campaigns and programs (extension of the vision and support)

Limes= lives we change (God’s work always produces fruit)